Solar Hot Water Repairs

Solar Hot Water Repairs

Whether it’s heat pump repairs and replacements, solar hot water servicing, or total hot water replacement, Your Pro Plumber is equipped to help you no matter what the issue is. As qualified hot water service agents, you can rely on our team for all your solar hot water needs.

Solar Panels Leaking? Get Your Pro Plumber To Check It Out

Solar heating is great way to save money and the environment, but what happens if it’s not functioning properly? This could very well be due to cracked or leaking solar panels, particularly during the colder months. Your Pro Plumber can easily repair and replace leaking panels, and if it is an emergency, we can have a plumber to you within 24 hours.

Choose The Right Solar Hot Water System For Maximum Efficiency And Savings

Harnessing the sun’s rays has been proven time and time again to be most cost effective – but which solar hot-water system is best for your home? This depends on a number of factors including the size of your home, number of people using hot water, how often and at what times of the day it is being used. Our team at Your Pro Plumber can guide you through that decision with our vast knowledge on various systems.


Turn down the heat on your energy bill with the right solar choices now

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“Dean from Your Pro Plumbing has been professional from day one. I found him to be clear and consice in his communication and quoting. I was very impressed with his standard of work which was completed on time. Finally, his integrity stood out and I have no hesitation in recommending Your Pro Plumber to anyone.”

Enza Dee

“Dean (Your Pro Plumber) has been absolutely amazing. I have never left a review online before because I have never felt so confident with the work that someone has done at my house. Dean has changed that. He is a real problem solver. He thinks about all possibilities and talks them through with you. He is very clear in describing the work he needs to do and the costs involved before he goes ahead. His team is great. They know their plumbing and seeing them in action really shows that good work is being done by people who know their stuff and love their job. We have already called Your Pro Plumber twice (for two different jobs) and when we renovate our new home we will be booking them in. Thank you from Adele and the family.”

Adele Di Virgilio

“The team at Your Pro Plumber have been absolutely amazing in unblocking our drains at home. Our drains were constantly getting blocked, Your Pro Plumber has the equipment that showed us where the drain was blocked, they also helped us repair the cracked pipe with special relining equipment which saved us thousands of dollars and saved us digging up the backyard. Amazing service, highly recommended!”

Phillip Mansour


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