When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Anyone who lives in a house with plumbing, at some point in time, has experienced a plumbing emergency. Plumbing emergencies may vary from a simple leaky faucet in your kitchen to ankle-deep water in your bedroom, to clogged drains, and leaky pipes. But by contacting the emergency plumber right away when one of the four situations below occur, you can keep the cost of repairs to a minimum and get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

What is an Emergency Plumber?

As the name suggests, an emergency plumber is a plumber who is ready to assist you in an urgent or emergency. Water can severely damage your home rapidly, so it is necessary to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible when you are in an emergency. At Your Pro Plumber, we take our profession seriously, and a significant part of that is acting fast when your plumbing lets you down. Our emergency plumbing service can help you whenever you need it 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Our experts can assess the problem quickly and fix it on the spot!

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

  1. Busted Pipe

A busted pipe is the most common cause of a water emergency at home, and it is one that certainly needs you to act quickly. Depending on what pipe has been busted in your home, and where, you might be looking at a large amount of water pouring into your home and damaging your valuable possessions. Rather than attempt the repair yourself, which could result in further damage, get on the phone to a plumber right away. Clear the flooding area to minimize the loss while the plumber fixes the root of the problem.

  1. Clogged Drain

Most of the time, your drains are working so well that you do not even think about them. But, if you have a pipe that starts back up and overflows out of the sink, it can quickly become a problem. While you may be able to ease the blockage yourself, it will be easier to take care of the situation in an emergency plumber. The plumber will know the most likely spots for the clogs to occur and will have the proper tools to remedy the blockage.

  1. Frozen Pipes

When you live in an area that is vulnerable to freezing temperatures in the winter, frozen pipes are a problem. Most of the time, you will know that you have got a frozen pipe because the water stops running to the faucets within your house. Do not make the mistake of trying to heat the pipes yourself to get water flowing again. A qualified plumber will know the proper procedures to un-freeze the pipes, as well as insulate them to avoid future incidents.

  1. Overflowing Toilet

Maybe there is no nastier mess inside a home than a toilet that is overflowing. To many homeowners, the operation of the bathroom is frustrating, so only getting the water to stop also causes trouble. The problem may be as simple as a blockage in the drain, but there are other causes as well. By bringing in a professional to diagnose and fix the issue, you will save yourself time and prevent the damage from getting any worse.

Plumbing emergencies can be simply impossible to live with, and you need help immediately. Give our team a call, and we will get a qualified plumber out to help, ASAP. Do not put up with emergency plumbing situations; call Your Pro Plumber now to fix it fast. Call us now at 1300 100 977.

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When to Call an Emergency Plumber

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